About ME

I am a quiet observer, capturing the beautiful details of the world around me. I consciously choose to spend time lingering in the intricate details of a moment in time through my drawings and paintings—recording the light, colors, textures, and subtle gradations. There is peacefulness, a meditation and a sense of healing to be found in the process.  


I grew up always knowing that I would be an artist of some sort but life and practicality had me continually denying that calling. As a child, I would spend hours and hours drawing, painting and crafting. I attended The University of Michigan School of Art where I quickly discovered Graphic Design, something I hadn’t previously given much thought to, and decided to make that my concentration of study. It felt like a safe, practical choice; I would be able to graduate and get a job—much less scary than trying to navigate the world as a fine artist! After college I worked for many years as a Graphic Designer for large corporations, small studios and independently as a Freelance Designer in Metro Detroit and Chicago. I still maintain a small but loyal pool of design clients.

Throughout the years I would occasionally draw or paint but for the most part I put fine art on the back burner—always knowing it would be there waiting for me when I was ready to devote time to it. It wasn’t until I lost my insanely creative and talented best friend to breast cancer that I really began to acknowledge what it was that I really wanted to be doing. I was suddenly aware of my own mortality and felt a sense of urgency to finally figure it out. I’ve dipped my hand in a lot of creative pursuits over the past few years but I have continually come back to wanting to be a fine artist. More specifically drawing and painting. Drawing and painting have become a meditation to me and in that meditation I have found healing. Whenever I am in a creative space I feel my friend’s presence and a connection to her, and to all artists living or not, and it brings me peace, healing and a sense of purpose.

I currently live in Southeast Michigan, lucky to be wedged between the two diverse cities of Ann Arbor and Detroit, with my husband and two teenage sons.